We Make IT Easy

You’ve Got Talent

We’ve Got IT Talent

Running your business can be challenging, you don’t need additional IT headaches that mess up your day.

Do You Know Where Your IT Is Going?

Cybersecurity Threats

Whether it’s general cybersecurity or compliance issues, you need a plan and a checklist to ensure you’re covering your basis BEFORE it becomes a liability.

Poor Quality IT

Are your internal communications suffering? Are updates to your software creating unresolved issues? Are you planning ahead for tech changes in the future? Don’t let day-to-day IT management pull your resources or waste your time.

Gaps In You IT Team

Growing businesses often wind up with one resource wearing too many hats. If you’re experiencing gaps in IT skills, ongoing IT challenges,

Costly Or Confusing Software

Mnadatory updates, poor connections, misalignment of tech, inability to unify communications - all these things cost you in time and money

We Build Lasting Relationships Between Our Team And Yours

Do you struggle to fille the gaps with your current IT team? We are a world-class IT relationship provider.
Anyone in your organization will feel comfortable reaching out because they know who they are working with.

We can work with your current internal IT team to reduce the time they spend fixing IT issues, putting out fires and oversee IT projects and rollouts.

Don’t have an internal IT team? No problem!

We also provide full-service Managed IT that helps you get set up, compliant, seamless integrated, and planning for the future.

Is Your Current IT Solution Enough?


If you aren’t thinking ahead of your IT, then you’re already behind. Whether it’s cybersecurity compliance, unifying your office communications, or planning for technology changes & updates, not having a plan can cost you time, money, and stress in the long run.


Hiring IT talent is TOUGH. Rather than take on the headache of hiring and onboarding new IT team members, you can tap into the existing skills we have available – for the same cost you can get a team with comprehensive knowledge around different solutions. Fill in the gaps without turning out your pockets.

We Work With Industries Like Yours

We understand your IT needs because we have worked with industries like yours across the United States. Remember, bad IT leads to unhappy employees, unhappy customers, and low morale. Finding the right IT partner takes stress off of everyone in your organization. Let us help shoulder the responsibility of helping your business succeed.

Better IT Starts Here

What Our Client’s Say?

When assistance is required, they step in and make everything right. It's the best support you can ask for.”

- Kevin Mann

Manufacturing Company, Phoenix, AZ

"Axus IT is crucial for our organization. All the engineers we've worked with are skilled, professional, and approachable. For all IT requirements, from setup to hardware & software acquisition and maintenance, I suggest Axus IT. It's a complete solution."

- Paul Patacca

Law Firm, Garden City, NY

"Axus IT responds rapidly to issues. They have the capacity to send difficult problems up the line until they are resolved for the customer. I appreciate their professionalism and quick turn around time."

- Michael Flemming

CPA Firm, Farmingdale, NY